Creating high performance teams

A good manager creates an environment of trust and leads by example. By providing a more open environment, people feel safe to come forward and discuss new ideas and also potential problems. Possible issues will be identified before they become full-blown crises. Managers committed to developing openness create strong teams in which trust, confidence and ideas can flow freely. Performance in these teams is scaled up and this leads to improved results and ultimately higher profits.

At iConnect coaching focuses on developing communication and listening skills to build strong relationships in which engagement is triggered and performance is highly improved. iConnect offers coaching for midlevel managers to CEO’s and their teams.

Is building an environment of trust important to you? Then iConnect has the coaching program you’re looking for.

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We don’t leave a business; we run away from a boss. A boss can make or break employee satisfaction and performance
(Gabriel Ginebra)

People can hear your words but they feel your attitude
(John C. Maxwell)

People can’t be managed by concepts, reports, or procedures; they are managed by relationships
(Gabriel Ginebra)

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